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Insurance against hailstones

Since 2007 the Cooperative has arranged insurance against hailstones with the companies in the market for the Associate producers. It tries to reduce the costs of this financial service for the agricultural sector.

Today, AFA Limited Cooperative Society offers its Associates coverage against hailstones from the leading companies in the sector such as SURA (antes RSA El Comercio) and La Dulce Cooperativa de Seguros.  

The Cooperative obtained a gradual cost reduction for the agricultural sector through strategic alliances. Besides, it achieves important economic savings for the Associates.

At the same time, AFA Limited Cooperative Society created and implemented a Trust against hailstones risk called “Chacarero Solidario” (Supportive farmer) which works as a complement to the insurance coverage against hailstones and with its own features that are different from the traditional way.

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