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Since 1976, Agricultores Federados Argentinos Limited Cooperative Society has had a Metallurgy industry in Las Rosas that is in charge of manufacturing the necessary components for the adequate functioning and maintenance of the stockpiling plants in the 26 AFA’s Primary Cooperative Centers.

All the equipment required for the optimum effectiveness in the Cooperative’s plants is built there. For example: platforms for simple equipment, pneumatic penetrators and waterwheels, bucket elevators, transport screw, string transport, conveyor belt, aerations, tipper platforms.

At the same time, Metallurgy Las Rosas Technical Department is responsible for AFA’s projects evaluation and performance of the new storage plants, the enlargement of the existing ones, or modifications to make them more dynamic, preparing specification bidding documents, the request for a quotation, the technical economic analysis of offers, the preparation of contracts together with the AFA’s Legal Department and the work monitoring.
Besides, it advises not only the Board of managers but also the General Management on the valuation of facilities to be bought by the Cooperative.

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