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Rojas Primary Cooperative Center - Created in 1952

The Rojas was created in the year 1932. It is located in the province of Buenos Aires and belongs to AFA’s NBA region.

It´s present in the following localities
Sub-Centers: Ferre (Bs As) - Los Indios (Bs As) - Hunter (Bs As) - Inés Indart (Bs As) - Rafael Obligado (Bs As)
Offices: Ascensión (Bs As) - Junín (Bs As) - O´Brien (Bs As) - Necochea (Bs As) - Bragado (Bs As)

Local Advice Management participants:

Vice president:


Regular Members of Board:

Alternate Members of Board:

Address: Las Heras 560
Telephone: Oficina 02475-466003 Lin.Rot | Planta 02475-466101
E-mail address:

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