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Agronomic Advice

AFA Limited Cooperative Society has more than 100 Agronomists and technicians that give free advice to all the Associate Producers in the Cooperative. The service is based on absolute objectivity and the necessary information to obtain the highest profitability in an agroeconomically sustainable way.

This department has different strategies and tools to provide first rate training and accurate information to the Associates to help them make the best decisions for their productive undertakings, for example:

  • Field work and technical training during the whole year.
  • Information coming from a network that monitors the weather, the plagues and the crop diseases.
  • Field evaluation of new technologies.
  • A wide network of evaluation of crops such as wheat, soy and corn and sorghum hybrids.
  • Different research and information exchanges with entities in the agricultural sector.
  • A bulletin with all the information and tests in each crop year.
  • Fortnight reports about the crops and the productive perspective of AFA’s area of influence.
  • A joint planning with the Marketing Department of the supplying needs according to the market.
  • Rain map updated through AFA’s web page.
  • Interaction with the main entities in the agricultural sector.

*Rain maps (link)
*Crops reports (link)
* AFA to the Fileds – technical training to Associates. (link)

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