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Cooperative Women

AFA’s Cooperative Women Groups are made up by Associate women, Associates’ wives and daughters, women Employees and any women related to the Cooperative. Because of its continuous evolution and constant growth, there are 27 Groups made up by around 300 participants.

The groups have as a unifying and general Objective to promote women’s participation in the Cooperative, especially dealing with topics related to sustainable development of the communities where AFA is.

Each group organizes local meetings with a frequency determined by the organizational needs, in this way, these meetings could be every 15 days, once a month or every two months, etc.
At the same time, once a month all the groups representatives have a monthly meeting in AFA Rosario so they achieve a better relationship, communication and exchange among the groups.

More than 20 years ago, the first group was made up in Cañada de Goméz. Nowadays, Cooperative Women are present in Ascensión, Arrecifes, Arteaga, Cañada de Gómez, Cañada Rosquín, Casilda, Chovet, Ferré, Firmat, Humboldt, Inés Indart, J.B. Molina, Las Rosas, Los Cardos, Maggiolo, Marcos Juárez, María Juana, Montes de Oca, Pergamino, Rojas, Sastre, San Genaro, Serodino, Tortugas, Totoras, Colonia Médici and Villa Eloísa.

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