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Since the mid 50s, AFA has traded livestock through the Livestock Department.

Currently, AFA Limited Cooperative Society has its own fairs in Totoras, Cañada Rosquín and Marcos Juárez. It’s a market operator in Rosario’s Livestock Market and it deals with direct sales to the fields for consumption, exportation or cattle fattening and cattle breeding.

As part of the technological innovation in this Department, the Cooperative launched a system of Live Cattle Auction on TV. This new way of livestock trading consists of showing the lots on sale that are filmed beforehand on the place origin which allows the seller to auction the cattle without moving the animals from the fields and the buyer to be able to carry out the operations without being present at its physical location.

Of course, this trade methodology works if the buyers trust AFA’s transparency and security. This methodology will become the future of the activity since it shows remarkable benefits in logistics, comfort and costs not only for the producers but also for the potential livestock buyers.

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