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Board of Managers

The Board of Managers is made up of 18 Managers coming from the different Primary Cooperative Centers, 12 of them are incumbent and the rest of them are alternate.

The members of the Board of Managers are renewed once a year by a third. The members are chosen by the Assembly and their mandate lasts three fiscal years with the possibility of being reelected for another three fiscal years.  Once they finished their second mandate they have to leave the Board of Managers for a year. 

This is the current Board of Managers:

President: Sr. Jorge Alberto Petetta
Vice president: Sr. Raúl Humberto Camertoni
Secretary: Sr. Eduardo Ángel Colmegna
Deputy Secretary: Sr. David Andrés Castellano
Treasurer: Sr. Guillermo Alloa
Deputy Treasurer: Sr. Jorge Valletto

Regular Members of Board: Vocales Titulares:
Sr. Horacio Longoni
Sr. Oscar Alberto Generoso Álvarez
Sr. Darío Alberto Borri
Sr. José Ángel Rosselli
Sr. Omar Domingo Tenaglia
Sr. Alberto Enrique Tramannoni

Alternate Members of Board: Vocales Suplentes:
Sr. Gabriel Hernán Falleroni
Sr. Oscar Jaime Muñoz
Sr. Carlos Alberto Gizzi
Sr. Marcelo Adelio Ceriani
Sr. Néstor Daniel Salvucci
Sr. Jesús Luis Sgaggero

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