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AFA’s Youth

AFA’s Youth is a group formed through Agricultores Federados Argentinos Limited Cooperative Society and made up by the Cooperative's Associates' and employees’ children, or anybody related to the rural sector that is interested in the Cooperative doctrine and the agricultural sector.

Currently, AFA’s Youth is made up by 32 Youth Groups spread in different towns of the Province of Santa Fe, Buenos Aires and Cordoba where AFA is strongly present.


To promote the Education about the Agricultural and Cooperative Doctrine in all its aspects, to achieve the Youth’s  development in our communities. To work on the training of leaders through the Cooperative’s Principles and Values with the purpose of improving the human capital and the well-being of the Argentinian families.  


A youth group made up within the agricultural and cooperative doctrine supporting as a symbol the Associativism and the defense of the Cooperative’s Values and Principles and, above all, our institution as a tool to guarantee the survival of the small and medium-sized producers in the economic system. We bet on the collective construction in the search of solutions, not only to rural matters but also, to the community as a whole. We commit with the community and the development and its own development in all its aspects (economic, social and cultural) and we constantly look for the integral development of the Argentinian families.

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