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Cooperative Added Value

Cooperative Added Value (VAC) is the group of strategic tools displayed by AFA which have the purpose of generating savings or economic benefits among the Associates that use the services offered by the Cooperative. Some of these tools could be used by the institution's Permanent Staff.

In the fiscal year 2011-2012, the Associates got a VAC that rose to 225 million pesos because they worked with AFA.

At the end of each fiscal year, VAC is described in detail in the cooperative's Social Balance Sheet according to the analysis of the 3rd Cooperative Principle: “Member's  Economic Participation” due to its positive impact on the Environment, the Communities, the Employees and the Associates’ quality of life.

In the last fiscal years, AFA’s VAC reached:

2008-2009: $  79,000,000
2009-2010: $  57,000,000
2010-2011: $ 167,000,000
2011-2012: $ 225,000,000
2012-2013: $ 217,881,817

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