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Interest Rate Discount in Supplies Financing

The Cooperative offers its Associates the possibility of financing for the supplies in dollars at an annual rate of 14%, with a discount of 7% if they fulfil the consequence and fulfilment conditions.

The consequence condition refers to the relation between the supplies financed with AFA SCL and the production generated by them, which must be delivered to the Cooperative. As regards the fulfilment, it is gained when the producer cancels his checking account debit balances whose expiration date operates in the harvest for which the condition is being evaluated.

The Associates’ savings by the Financing Interest Rate Discount during the last fiscal years were:

2008-2009: $ 3,000,000
2009-2010: $ 4,226,689
2010-2011: $ 3,050,938
2011-2012: $ 8,196,540
2012-2013: $ 21,072,910

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